A New Way to Make a Difference

The Camp Canine Training Center has been helping clients with their dogs, and helping shelters with rescue dogs for over 30 years. We've worked with almost all breeds and dogs of all ages. And we found that regardless of whether they're living in a secure home or came to us from a shelter, dogs with behavior problems all have one thing in common; they never learned to control their natural impulses. Without this skill, they are left ... Read More

Best Intentions Thwarted

It’s so easy for dogs to miss out on the early learning that helps them adjust to living in the human world. Lots of shelter dogs missed out on this critical training, and as a consequence, frequently exhibit some sort of social shortcoming or troubled behavior. Overworked shelter volunteers and employees do their best to ... Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission is to reduce the number of dogs that end up in shelters. We educate dog owners on the importance of teaching impulse control, because it's the source of good behavior in dogs of any age. We make it easy for shelter employees, volunteers and owners to get the training help they need with online video lessons that are easy to use and understand. We partner with generous donors and help them have an even bigger impact on rescue dogs all across the country. We are committed to having impulse control training become a regular part of every dog’s training experience, whether at home or in the shelter environment.

Our Vision For...


shutterstock 180051923“Helpers” Make a Bigger Difference
Shelters nationwide utilize RescueLifeline online training tools for educating their volunteers on the importance of impulse control training in shaping new behavior. The thousands of kind-hearted people who volunteer in shelters each week can make a bigger difference by using impulse control training principles and sound training techniques when they handle dogs every day.  

New Adopters

shutterstock 87189514"Found" can be Forever
We help adopted dogs stay in their new homes. New adopters learn about the importance of impulse control at the shelter where they adopt their dog. As part of the adoption process, they have an opportunity to view an introductory lesson online. Adopters are able to continue their dog's impulse control training by subscribing to online lessons. 


shutterstock 163350539"Big Hearts" Make a Bigger Difference
We help donors have a bigger impact. Financial contributions spent on online video lessons makes impulse control training available regardless of where owners, adopters and shelters are located. Shelters get new funding when adopters subscribe to impulse control training online. A portion of all subscription payments goes to the adopter's home shelter for continuing education programs.

Current Owners

shutterstock 22608625"Old Dogs" with New Tricks
We help owners who may be considering giving up their adult dogs due to unruly behavior. Information about where to get impulse control training will be delivered at the top of all the search engines when people search for "dog training" or "puppy training". Free starter lessons will be available to enroll owners in the power of impulse control and help them discover how easy it is to teach.

New Puppy Owners

shutterstock 57640159“Cute” can be Permanent
We help puppies stay in their original homes. New puppy owners learn the importance of impulse control training from their breeder or their veterinarian. Impulse control training lessons designed especially for little puppies are available to help prevent the behavior problems that easily arise, and that can cause frustrated owners and adopters to give up their dogs as adolescence approaches.