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Best Intentions Thwarted

It’s so easy for dogs to miss out on the early learning that helps them adjust to living in the human world. Lots of shelter dogs missed out on this critical training, and as a consequence, frequently exhibit some sort of social shortcoming or troubled behavior. Overworked shelter volunteers and employees do their best to ...

... provide some intervention to resolve the problem behavior that sent these dogs to the shelter in the first place. But a real, long-term solution is missing. This “missing” solution is part of the reason sixty percent of dogs that end up in shelters are euthanized. Once in the shelter, good-hearted people contribute millions of volunteer hours to care for the dogs, and kind-hearted people donate millions of dollars to finance a last-ditch effort to save dogs from being killed. All this time and effort is spent on dogs at the end of the line. Having intervened for many owners with problem dogs, our experience has shown that there IS another way to address this problem. We want to start addressing this problem at the beginning of this discouraging path, in addition to addressing the problems once their are full blown.

We can help stem the flow of dogs headed to shelters by making impulse control training simple to teach. When impulse control training is a regular part of the dog-ownership experience, more dogs will stay in their original homes and fewer will be turned in to shelters or abandoned on the street. Camp Canine Training has founded RescueLifeline to build a library of training videos so that adopters, shelters, rescue volunteers and owners can all learn how easy it is to teach impulse control to their dogs, regardless of a dog’s age or background. When dogs have a firm foundation of impulse control, it’s much easier to teach all the other good behaviors we want our dogs to learn. Learning to give up their natural tendency to be impulsive is the key to reducing the number of dogs in shelters, or headed there eventually because of poor behavior.