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A New Way to Make a Difference

Camp Canine Training has been helping people with their dogs and helping rescue dogs get out of shelters for over 30 years. Having worked with all breeds and ages, and we have found that whether the dog is living in a secure home or came to us from the shelter, dogs with problem behaviors all had one thing in common: they never learned to control their natural impulses. Without this skill, they are left ... 

... with the behavior Mother Nature gave them for surviving in the wild: primarily, grab-it-and-run! They never learned to defer to the humans in their lives. When impulse control is missing, problems can easily arise, and owners can have a hard time developing the kind of bond that leads to a lasting relationship. Because dogs are predators, they pay close attention to the behavior that works for getting what they want. And, since they can run faster, jump higher, bite harder and move faster than we can, a "grab-it-and-run" strategy actually works! They pull on leash when they see something they want. They run off to investigate the things they want. They won’t come when called if they’re engaged with something they want. They chew and destroy things they want and get a hold of.

Once we saw this common denominator, we began to focus our training program on teaching dogs to give up “go for it” as a strategy in life. When grab-it-and-run stops working, dogs look for a new way to get what they want. That's our opportunity to help them discover that being patient is the new strategy that works for getting all the things they want. Impulse control training teaches dogs to give up their default grab-it-and-run behavior and to pay attention to their human partners. When dogs defer to their human companions and look to them for guidance, the bond between dog and man has a chance to thrive. They have an opportunity to develop the kind of lasting relationship that gives them a better chance of staying in their original homes or finding new homes if they do wind up in a shelter.