Owner Turn In

One of the main reasons dogs end up in shelters.

What we do

5500 dogs killed every day

Thats almost four per minute.

What we do

Over 2 Billion Dollars

Amount spent annually to round up, kill and dispose of homeless animals.

What we do

What we do We SHARE OUR Training Knowledge to HELP Rescue Dogs and Increase Funding for Shelters



Our Goals

Three Goals

shutterstock 174488453FEWER RESCUE DOGS
RescueLifeline is committed to reducing the number of dogs that end up in shelters. We educate owners, shelters and rescue volunteers on the importance of teaching impulse control to all dogs. Adoptable dogs that end up in shelters find homes fairly easily. But problem dogs have a hard time getting rescued. They need help with the behavior issues that got them there in the first place. We believe that impulse control training can help more dogs stay in their original homes, and is the key to helping shelter dogs find new homes faster. 

shutterstock 72449815KNOWEDGEABLE OWNERS
Dog owners benefit from learning how to teach impulse control as part of a foundation for good behavior. As a result, more dogs learn to be deferential to their owners and have a better chance of staying in their original homes. We are committed to educating owners with adolescent and adult dogs, so the power of impulse control training can help shaping and improve behavior in dogs of all ages. Well trained dogs living happily with their families are less likely to end up being turned in to a shelter.

shutterstock 160530863MORE FUNDS FOR SHELTERS
Kind-hearted donors who already contribute so generously to the rescue effort can have a bigger impact. When impulse control training is available online, in a step-by-step video program, shelters and rescue volunteers all across the country will be able to improve their skills in helping dogs learn the good behaviors they need to be ready for their new homes. Adopters who continue with online impulse control training lessons at home will help generate a new source for shelters and rescue programs nationwide.

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